Smart library

SmartLibrary - a project about user occupancy in library space 2014 - 2017

The purpose of the project is to get new, factual knowledge about users and occupancy in library spaces.
The goal is to optimize user experience, interior design, wayfinding, opening hours, facilities, programs and services in library building – based on factual data about library users.


  • Test of various methods to collect and research data about users in library buildings, for instance data from PIR sensors, surveillance cameras, observations and anthropological methods. Machine learning is one of the methods
  • Developing and testing a model that combines several methods
  • Researchers, museums, their public libraries and companies will be involved in to ensure quality, systematic approach and future value for public libraries.

SmartLibrary is based in the library in Dokk1, Aarhus Public Libraries and is a project of the Smart Aarhus Umbrella
Steering Group: Bo Fristed, CIO, ITC and Knud Schulz, Chief of the Library / Dokk1 / Citizens’ Services and Libraries, City of Aarhus, Denmark

Project Group – Dokk1
Sidsel Bech-Petersen, Library Transformer and Project manager of Design Thinking in Libraries
Mads Lykke, Digital Editor
Søren Holm, Communications
Joachim Svendsen, Librarian, Team Adult
Lotte Duwe Nielsen, LibraryTransformer, Project manager of SmartLibrary

Project Partners
National Gallery of Denmark, Herning Libraries, Roskilde Libraries and Smart Aarhus.

SmartLibrary Open Idea Group for sharing knowledge, experiences and inspiration about methods of occupancy evaluation.

SmartLibrary is financed byDokk1/ Citizens’ Services and Libraries, City of Aarhus and co-funded by the Danish Agency for Culture and Castles

Knud Schulz, Chief of the Library / Dokk1 / Citizens’ Services & Libraries, City of Aarhus, Denmark – M: 29208359
Lotte Duwe Nielsen, project manager of SmartLIbrary/ Dokk1 / Citizens’  Services & Libraries, City of Aarhus, Denmark,  – M: 51576461