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- Biblioteket Online

What’s in it for the people?

"Biblioteket Online" is a new iPad App that presents selected electronic resources from the libraries.  The user gains easy and simple access to selected eBooks, audio books, articles and reference books from their local public library.

"Biblioteket Online" shows a series of electronic shelves with e.g. eBooks, audio books and papers divided into the following topics: Travel, History, Fiction and Biographies, Art, Technology and Science. Additionally, the user can create new personalised theme racks in the App, which relates to exactly the themes the user wants.

What’s in it for the library?

With this App, the libraries in Denmark have a unique opportunity to present the electronic resources from the libraries in new and inspiring ways. The App may especially appeal to the segment of users that rarely visit the physical library but would not mind using the online library services at their convenience.

Project status

In mid-March 2013, the App became available to users via the Apple App Store. Since then, the developers have been working on technical feature adjustments.

Tell me more…or better yet: show it!

If you would like to see or try the App, it is available for download for free on your iPad via Apple App Store.


Project Manager: Morten Lars Bengtson, email:, Copenhagen Libraries

Project participant: Karin Lund, email:, Aarhus Public Libraries