- An open eco-system for digital [cultural] innovation collaboration and shared results

What’s in it for the people?

TING will unite the Danish library sector and from a foundation of joint developmental power create an open source platform and infrastructure, release the libraries' digital resources and make them available for library users via all types of web-based services and interfaces.

What’s in it for the library?

TING is founded on Open Source principles and TING has developed a common infrastructure, which is the starting point for a number of initiatives for dissemination, including:

  • a national data repository (the TING “well”), which harvests, relates and distributes meta-data
  • a CMS system, ding.TING, which provides every municipality (library) with the opportunity to build a new website
  • a mobile theme and Apps for smartphones, so all municipalities (libraries) can support mobile oriented library users.

As a new TING library it is possible to step in and benefit from what has already been created, and to become part of further development and this way contributing to the community.

Project status

TING has achieved popularity nationwide and the TING Community presently includes 43 municipalities. This covers more than 60 percent of Denmark. Recently, TING has been incorporated into supporting the Danish Digital Library (DDB - Danskernes Digitale Bibliotek)

Tell me more…or better yet: show it!

TING movie: www.youtube.com/watch?v=65eQpAR27Fs&feature=youtu.be

Book of TING – iPad version: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/book/t!ng/id550450450?l=da&mt=11

Book of TING – PDF version: http://ting.dk/sites/default/files/pdf_ting_ebook_english.pdf

Community site: http://ting.dk (in danish)


Community Manager Niels Schmidt Petersen, nsp@aarhus.dk