Gaming - When the Library Joins in

Gaming – When the Library Joins in is a development project about computer games and gaming culture.


The project examines the way in which the library can disseminate and render visible gaming and gaming culture – today as well as in future in Mediaspace. The examination is based on 4 goals:


  • vitalising gaming and gaming culture within a library framework
  • placing the game media in a context
  • expanding the understanding of what games are
  • spreading the library’s gaming dissemination beyond the library’s usual space

We will examine our dissemination of games and gaming culture to the city’s citizens through a series of workshops, network meetings, presentations, articles, blogs, competitions and recommendations in cooperation with the local newspaper, Aarhus Stiftstidende, and Aarhusian first movers within the field.

Dissemination of the gaming media and culture is examined in the form of physical events in the library space as well as digital and printed in the paper and online gaming forums.

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Project organisation

Project Owner: Charlotte Stoltenberg, Citizens’ Services and Libraries

Project Manager: Lisbeth Overgaard Nielsen, Citizens’ Services and Libraries

The project is subsidised by

The Danish Agency for Libraries and Media


Project Manager Lisbeth Overgaard Nielsen
Phone: +45 89409246