The library in Dokk1 gives you free access to a world of information, inspiration, learning and entertainment

The library at Dokk1 is a center for knowledge and culture which disseminates and makes a variety of media come alive across genres and formats. The library is the citizens' house. Staff and management of the organisation continually work with public involvement.

At Dokk1, you will find about 350,000 media for children and adults. Examples of media are books, audio books, ebooks, magazines, music and games. Such a large number of media in one place requires a logical and clear structure of media that makes it easy to navigate and find what you need. We work hard to make media easily accessible and easy to find.

In the library, we make digital media a priority and we are constantly keeping abreast of the future. We still have lots of books as well, of course.

Every day we hold events, exhibits, debates and many other things at the library. You can read about future events in the libraries' website (in Danish only):

Opening hours

Monday - Friday  08 - 22
Saturday - Sunday 10 - 16
The Library
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Saturday - Sunday 10 - 16
Citizens Services
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