New User

To obtain a library card, you have to come to the library and present a valid photo ID. The library card resembles a credit card and bears a card number and a bar code. You will decide your own five-figure PIN code and which library you want to be attached to. With your library card you are now ready to make use of the library´s self-service.

The library card and PIN code enables you to borrow library materials at the self-service terminals.  The terminal prints out a receipt of the borrowed materials and the date of return.  Upon returning materials, you will also receive a receipt from the self-service return terminal.  This receipt is your documentation for having returned the materials.

With your library card and PIN code you can make use of the numerous digital library services at . Use our website, here you can search for materials online, make reservations, renew your loans, get updated on your borrower status and much more.

Wireless network

All branches within Aarhus Public Libraries are set up for wireless access - simply use your laptop.

Web based resources

The wireless network provides access to the library's array of electronic resources - for example, articles appearing in Danish newspapers.  It's easy, convenient, and free.

Library card for children and adolescents under 18 years

For children and young people under the age of 18, one of the parents, or guardian of the child, must sign a form