About Aarhus Public Libraries

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark with 310,000 inhabitants. Aarhus Public Libraries consists of a main library and 18 branch libraries.

Facts and figures

In 2012 the total circulation of materials was 4,332,708 and the number of visitors was 2,272,374. The library's website www.aakb.dk had 1,883,290 visits, 547,706 visitors and 9,922,863 page views.

The libraries are active in the local society with 653 events and 317 exhibitions for adults and children.

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New Library Building: Dokk1

In 2015 a new building – Dokk1 - will be ready for use on the harbour front in Aarhus. The building will, among other things, house the Main Library. In addition to Dokk1 the Urban Mediaspace project is also responsible for a portion of the New Central Waterfront including a new urban waterfront space, clearing of the stream, a car park with 1,000 parking spaces, solutions for traffic, and an arrival centre.

You can follow the Dokk1 process. 


Aarhus Public Libraries have a number of innovation projects to develop the organisation, the staff, partner collaboration, new ways of working and how to use new technology. The aim is to meet the citizens’ needs with services adapted to the general development and to develop and test new forms of services. To support the innovation work we have an innovation strategy. Take a look at some of our projects:

         ITC-projects         Transforming the
        Physical Library
      Partnerships and

International cooperation

Aarhus Public Libraries values cooperation with international partners. APL is a member of IFLA and EBLIDA, and the libraries have for the last decade coordinated and participated in a number of EU-projects. Every second year Aarhus Public Libraries host the Next Library conference. Cooperation with Copenhagen Public Libraries secures one large international library conference in Denmark each year, where the venue alternates between Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Each year, Aarhus Public Libraries is visited by delegations of library professionals from many countries, from Europe as well as overseas, and staff members from Aarhus are popular speakers at international conferences abroad.

Literature Services

Aarhus Public Libraries houses the chief editors behind the popular national service Litteratursiden (Literature-site). The site is run by an association and a group of editors. The site consists of, among other things, recommendations, author portraits and a service for reading clubs.