Project YOUng became Mindspot

The project behind Mindspot was calledYOUng. Project YOUng began in January 2007, and ended in April 2009 with the establishment of the Mindspot service.
For, with and by the young!

YOUng was an untraditional co-operation, where the young, stakeholders in youth-culture, and the Main Library sought to create an entirely new youth library that reached beyond the physical framework of the Main Library – and met the young, where they were.

The vision was that the new youth library was to exchange the traditional library material offers with an offer of access to various technological options and counselling in the use of these in an exciting and creative way. Furthermore, YOUng will be the place, where young people could meet each other for exciting events across geographic, social and cultural differences.

The project was supported by the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media

Read more about Mindspots activities on their website.