Transformation Lab


Transformation Lab’s purpose was the continuous development of a model space that functioned as a flexible physical framework for changing, interactive part projects. Together, the part projects researched the opportunities for new forms of communication in the physical library and communication of the physical and digital media in a new way. Transformation Lab lasted from 2004 – 2007.

The model room is established in the front part of the Main Library. The placement provides optimal exposure, because the space is the first space that the users encounter in the library. It is a meeting point for many paths that lead into the rest of the library.

Transformation Lab functioned as the framework project for a number of part projects covering a three year period – There were 5 part projects, each with their own thematic focus:

Litterature Lab: Focused on fiction and communication of fiction (Fall 2004)

NEWS Lab: Focused on communication news – Traditional media and new technology (Spring 2005)

MUSIC Lab: Focused on communicating music – In sound and images and via interactive media (Fall/Winter 2005/2006)

Exhibition Lab: An interactive exhibition space that focused on the concept ”freedom” (Spring/Summer 2006)

The Square: A space that supported meetings between people and provided inspiration and motivation for engaging in conversations (Fall 2006)

Learning and knowledge from the earlier part projects are developed in each part project.

The continuous part projects explored and developed the vision of new communication forms in the library. Overall focus was placed on the constellation of space/user/material. How do we put professional library communication into a brand new physical frame, which creates interactivity with the users, between the users and in the relation between user and media?

The project investigated how interactive elements, flexible types of space and pervasive computing can be used and developed in order to support the physical library of the future, and its communication. At the same time, the project investigated how the library can build and develop new forms of co-operation between project networks, untraditional co-operation partners and groups of users in the library.

Organization of the Project

Aarhus Public Library, the Main Library, was in charge of the project. The project had varying co-operation partners in the various part project, hereunder:

  • ISIS Katrinebjerg – Center for Interactive Spaces
  • InnovationLab
  • BlipSystems
  • Aarhus Symfoniorkester
  • Århus Sinfonietta v. Hjarne Fessel
  • Fotoforeningen Snapshots
  • IntermediaART+Design v. Signe Klejs

The Project was supported by:

The Danish Agency for Libraries and Media


Knud Schulz, Manager of the Main Library


Phone 45+ 8940 9201


Watch the movie about Transformation Lab on YouTube! Transformation Lab - Prototyping the Future


Transformation Lab - Report on Forms of Dissemination in the Physical Space