Open Data Aarhus

A project with the aim to release public data and make it freely available to everyone

Aarhus Public Libraries have together with the Municipality, The Central Region of Denmark, Aarhus University and The Alexandra Institute chosen to set data free.

What’s in it for the citizens?

Open Data Aarhus will by opening up data make it funnier and easier to be a citizen, a guest and a tourist in Aarhus. The aim is to make it easier for developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop new and innovative services on top of public data.

A new service could e.g. tell you to drive now or in 5 minutes to avoid rush hour traffic. Aarhus Municipality have historical and real-time traffic data that can be used to make this kind of service.

Another service could be an app for tourists that makes it easy find all events and attractions in the city placed on a 3D city-map with crowdsourced pictures and recommendations.

What’s in it for the city?

As a city, it makes great sense to open up data. Our aim in Aarhus is to make another kind of democracy where the citizens have the possibility to develop services based on their needs and interests.

Project status

As part of the project, an open data platform has been developed Here, everyone can find and download data for free. The platform is currently in beta mode.
We are continuously releasing new datasets.

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Open data platform (beta):

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