Hybrid Learning Environments

Lifelong learning is a topic that is placed high on the political agenda – locally, nationally and internationally.


In 2004-2005, Aarhus Public Libraries experimented with different forms of learning spaces in the library. Our goal was to create relevant offers of learning that supported the individual’s need for lifelong learning. The project was called “Hybrid Learning Environments” and was supported by the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media. The overall theme was information competency in relation to lifelong learning.

Information competency is an important element in lifelong learning. When one is to learn, it is important that one becomes aware of the need for information, learns to research, find and evaluate the information critically, and organize the gathered information. The library staff has a lot of experience in researching, finding, evaluating and organizing information. That knowledge and experience is used in the work of developing new learning offers for our users.

Evaluation report from the project