Mobile Probes

Project Description & Publications


The Purpose of the Project

Mobile Probes was an exploratory project funded by the programme for user driven innovation from the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority

The project spanned from 2008-2010, and the purpose was to digitalize the ”Cultural Probes” method on a mobile platform, and test the concept in a number of companies and institutions.


The Main Library participated as a case company, including the following cases:

1. Families at Play in the Library

In phase 1, the project was anchored in ”Families at Play in the Library”. The purpose of “Families at Play in the Library” is to gather knowledge about families and play as well as develop and test concepts for families with children, especially within play and play culture in relation to libraries. As a Mobile Probes case, “Families at Play in the Library” has worked with concept development of a treasure hunt in the Main Library in Aarhus that is to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2009. Technically, the treasure hunt will be revolving around an interactive table placed in the lobby of the Main Library. User involvement via Mobile Probes is to ensure the relevance of the service for the target group, and qualify the history/framework as well as the actual activities in the treasure hunt.

2. Tweens

Mobile Probes has also been used for gathering input and inspiration for development of library services for tweens, in the current library as well as for the “tweens-lounge” that is being planned for the Urban Media Space.

By asking questions and giving assignment to a group of 12-13 year olds, the library wished to investigate what the group known as “tweens” are focused on, in relation to the services the library already provides or can establish for them. Focus is placed on space, media and culture as well as forms of learning and competencies.

Events (Planned and Held)

  • Families at Play: Families at ”kulturnat” (culture night), October 9th 2009
  • Tweens Probe
  • Mobile Probes for user involvement on the ”Families at Play” theme day
  • Mobile Probes for the staff of the Main Library

Project Organization

VIA University College managed this project

Project Partners

  • M-Box
  • Copenhagen Living Lab
  • Alexandra Institute A/S
  • Innovation Lab
  • Citizens’ Services and Libraries, Main Library, Aarhus

The Project was supported by:

The programme for user driven innovation from the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authorty


Project Consultant: Lotte Duwe Nielsen, Main Library, + 45 8940 9248,