Internet Policy

Policy for using the Internet at the libraries in Aarhus

Policy on Internet Access at Aarhus Public Libraries

Aarhus Public Libraries grants access to more than 230 PCs for library users.  Every PC is connected to the Internet and provides multiple search facilities.  A number of PCs at the various sections may be used for chatting, e-mail etc., while others are reserved for a specific type of search, e.g. in the library catalogue.
The staff offers guidance on Internet and database search, and Aarhus Public Libraries aims to support the retrieval of information. 
Internet access is free for everyone who abides by the following rules:

Guidelines for PC Users

  • PCs may not be used for illegal purposes such as e-mailing of anonymous and/or malicious letters, child pornography, hacking, piracy or other illegal copying
  • Users are not to make noise
  • Users may not turn off the PCs
  • Users are not allowed to eat or drink at the PCs
  • Users are responsible for obeying copyright laws when downloading and copying   programmes and documents from the Internet

Branch libraries may define additional guidelines.

Guidelines for Children´s Use of Internet PCs

As in the case with use of other library materials, parents or guardians are obliged to guide their children and as regards content limit their access to the Internet.
Aarhus Public Libraries takes an active share in developing special children´s websites, which give access to relevant and quality assessed information as well as other websites for children.

Abuse Leads to Sanctions

When using the PCs, the users must abide by the guidelines provided by the staff,  otherwise the staff will turn off the PCs.

In case of serious or repeated infringements of these rules, the right to use library PCs will be suspended for a short or a longer period of time.


Aarhus Public Libraries accepts no responsibility for any material which users look up at or copy from the Internet.  Use of e-mail, chat or other personal services is at the user´s own risk.