Library rules and regulations

General rules and regulations is adopted by the City Council and is effective from 1st of June 2015. The library rules and regulations is adjusted the 18th of December 2017.


  • Everyone is welcome at the library.
  • The library is freely accessible. 
  • Printing, photocopying and special services ordered by the user are subject to a fee.
  • Everyone can borrow books, periodicals, audio books, music materials and other materials. Everyone can use computers and other things in the library.
  • Access to loans of certain types of materials such as eBooks and DVDs may be restricted.
  • The library may be restricted in lending services of particularly valuable materials, materials of limited edition, or materials that for other reasons are unfit for borrowing.
  • When issuing materials to users without a permanent address in Aarhus Municipality, a deposit may be charged.
  • The library may limit the number of reservations registered to one patron.

Library card

  • Users over the age of 18 may use “the healthcare card” to borrow materials at the library. Before “the healthcare card” can be used, you need to be registered as a patron of the library. New users can register by applying at the library, or by the ‘Self Registration’ system via MitID at When registering as a library user, you must bring your healthcare card and a valid ID with photo.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN code, please visit the library and ask a member of staff to reset it for you or use your MitID to reset. Remember to bring validated ID; e.g. health insurance card, driver’s license or passport.
  • Users under the age of 18 is required a signature from a parent or a guardian and a filled registration form. The child must bring their healthcare card.
  • Children and young adults receive a library card when registering. The healthcare card may subsequently be used as well.
  • By signing the registration form, the parent or legal guardian accept responsibility for materials borrowed or any charges incurred on a child's card.
  • The library card/healthcare card is personal and may not be used by others.
  • The library card/healthcare card must be used every time materials are borrowed at the library.
  • The PIN code must be kept separate from the library card/healthcare card.
  • The user is responsible for all the materials borrowed on his or her library card/healthcare card.
  • If your card has been lost or stolen, contact your local branch library immediately. The library will block your library card to prevent unauthorised use.
  • In case the library card is stolen, you must report the theft to the police.
  • The library will charge a fee of DKK 20 for issuing a replacement library card.

Service message via SMS and e-mail

  • Upon registration as a patron of the library, you accept receiving reminders and recall notices concerning loans, reservations etc.
    Reminder notices are sent as a courtesy. The Libraries are not responsible for the patron's failure to receive notices.

Updating your personal information

  • The user is responsible for updating personal information e.g. e-mail address, phone number etc. The personal information can be edited at under “my account” “user profile” or by contacting your local branch library. 

Registering loans

  • All loans must be registered at the libraries self-service lending machines before leaving the library.
  • Loans are deleted when the materials are returned to the library. 4 weeks after returning the borrowed materials, the library keeps a log of the last borrower. 
  • The library treats personal information about users according to The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. For further information, see Aarhus Public Libraries’ website: www. (in Danish only).
  • The library’s materials are anti-theft protected.

Loan period

  • The standard lending period is 30 days unless else is stated.
  • The library can set an individual loan period for particularly popular materials, e.g. 7 or 14 days.
  • The due date for returning materials appears on the receipt which is issued with every loan.
  • You can renew loans of materials, however, you can only renew an item if nobody else has reserved it. Renewal is only possible 7 days prior return date. The loan period can only be extended a limited number of times.
  • Receipts are automatically issued when borrowing and returning materials. Only receipts generated by the library system have legal effect. Ensure to take the receipt, as proof that you have returned your items.
  • Upon returning materials, please check if the number of materials corresponds with the number of materials on the receipt.
  • When returning library materials through a library letter slit or by postal, a receipt is not automatically issued. When use of these approaches the user is liable for damage or overdue returns. The borrower is responsible for the borrowed item until it has been returned and cleared from the library system.

Returns of materials borrowed from libraries outside Aarhus Municipality 

  • It is possible to return borrowed materials at any other branch libraries in Aarhus Municipality. Stated by the Agency for Culture and Palace: A user is liable for material borrowed from Aarhus Libraries, until the library has received it and has recorded the return.

Exceeding the loan period

  • If the loan period is exceeded, a fine must be paid according to the current rates (see separate leaflet on fees) The fees are adopted by Aarhus City Council. 
  • The fine for exceeding the loan period must be paid even if a notice by e-mail, text or Push-message has not been sent out three days prior return.
  • You only receive one overdue notice. The patron will be notified 18 days before expiration date. 
  • Users can subscribe to a reminder note by e-mail or text message 3 days before expiry of the loan period. Books must be returned by the due time or the due date to the Library from which they were borrowed. Overdue books will incur fines.
  • Unpaid fines are transferred to the debt collection department with the consequence of payable accounts for the user.  
  • Unpaid fines with added costs can be collected by withholding wages etc. according to the regulation of collection of debt to the public sector.
  • If our library app is applied, it is possible to subscribe to recall notices, reminders etc. Please be aware that, when you’ve subscribed to these notices you will not receive text reminders, but you will receive an e-mail with recall notices by e-mail if you have registered this.  

Monetary damages

  • If you fail to return borrowed material within 5 weeks after the loan period’s expiry the material is considered lost or returned. Materials in a damaged condition, must be reimbursed by any costs incurred by the library to repurchase or repair the material. 
  • The borrower will be held liable for replacement costs and a nonrefundable billing fee. (More information is found at Fees and fines) or leaflet.


  • Patrons may not use library materials or facilities in any manner that would likely cause the materials or facilities to be damaged. Patrons that repeatedly fail to return overdue materials or return materials in a damaged state, can be suspended from borrowing at Aarhus Public Libraries.  
  • To lift a suspension, you need to pay your fines, return or replace the materials. 
  • Accumulated fines of DKK 200 will result in a temporarily suspension of borrowing privileges. 
  • Patrons must be given a 7-day written notice before suspension. In special cases, the library has the authority to exclude users without a notice. 
  • A patron behaving inconsiderately or inappropriately may be required to leave immediately by an authorised member of library staff. If a violation of the library regulations persists despite several communications, the library is entitled to suspend the borrower’s access to loans.

Suspended use of self-service lending machines

  • The library reserves the right to suspend all borrowing privileges including use of the self-service lending machines if a patron owes the library more than DKK 225. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until all overdue items are returned and the total balance have cleared.


  • The library accepts no responsibility for loss or damaged of any personal belongings caused by borrowed materials; e.g. computer, software or equipment for playing media.
  • The library is not responsible or liable for use of information obtained through the Internet, or consequences resulting from it.

Registration of PC-use

  • When using the library’s Internet and wireless network (hotspots) we automatically collect network logs and store logs for 30 days. 
  • The library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources except as when required by law e.g. warrant.
  • Rules and regulations for use of the Internet is described in the library’s ‘Internet Policy’:

Open staff-less libraries

  • Open Libraries enable patrons to use the library and its facilities during unstaffed opening hours.
  • Open staff-less libraries are accessible for registered patrons aged 15 and over. Access to the library is provided by using one’s library card.
  • The library does not take responsibility for the patrons use of the library during unstaffed opening hours.
  • Patrons under the age of 14 can access the library when accompanied by registered patron with access to the library during the unstaffed hours.

The individual library may define its own specified regulations for using the library. Leaflets on rules for using the library, fees and opening hours are handed out when registering and they are available at all service points.
The regulations have been adopted by Aarhus City Council.