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As a library transformer through 10 years my job was to support the process of transforming the Main Library in Aarhus into our new library: Dokk1. Dokk1 opened up to the public in 2015 and is the largest public library in Scandinavia.

As head of projects and co-creation I now support our projects and the way we do user involvement across Aarhus Public Libraries.

Since 2013 I have been working on a joined project with Chicago Public Library and IDEO – the end result has just been published as a toolkit: Design Thinking for Libraries. The toolkit gives you tools to design library services and make sure that your library constantly adapt to the needs of the local community by using human-centered design. 

Areas of interest

  • Design thinking: how to involve users, staff, partners or citizens in the design process in order to create better services and products
  • New technologies: how will they change the library of the future, how can libraries use technology to empower citizens and what kind of new experiences can we create with them?

Examples of projects

  • Design thinking for libraries:
  • Next Library: conferences and innovation camps:
  • Dokk1: How to incorporate new technologies in our new library building? How to create a flexible library building that meet the needs of the users?
  • Transformation Lab: New ideas for the physical library of the future
  • Use the users!: Userdriven innovation in libraries
  • InfoGallery: How to use large displays and digital media in a physical setting
  • Mobile Probes: How to use mobile phones to collect knowledge about our users

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