Workshop at PDC 2016

Design thinking for libraries is hosting a workshop at the Participatory Design Conference 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Participatory Design and Public Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector

In this workshop we will investigate the role of Participatory Design principles and practices in the conceptualization of spaces, technologies and services in the Glam Sector. Many GLAM organization are beginning to use design thinking and human-centered approaches but we want to move it towards participation and civic engagement. This workshop will look at how the field of Participatory Design can bring new reflections and approaches that can help us move the participation forward.

Who should attend?

We are therefore seeking to engage with participants that have experience or interest on how citizens’ involvement and PD process should and could take place to shape the future of GLAM institutions and services, especially public ones. At the workshop we will briefly introduces the work done in Aarhus in the development of our new public library, Dokk1. We will also present the work done in cooperation with IDEO and Chicago Public Libraries: Design Thinking for Libraries. The rest of the workshop will be dedicated to sharing cases and investigating the role for Participatory Design in GLAM organisations.


The result of the workshop will be guiding principles for GLAM organization that want to advance their organization with Participatory Design. This will also be a contribution to creating a network of interested parties to also after the conference exchange ideas, share projects, initiatives and cases. For organizing this part we invite registered participants to send us cases and ideas for short presentations (5-10 minute talks) in the form of short position papers. Before the workshop we will make a plan for the presentations and notify the presenters.

How to register?

Registration to the workshop is on a first come first served basis. Registration is made in the website of the conference. If you want to attend you need to pay a registration fee (more info at the conference website).

How to apply for giving a short presentation?

Those that registered AND want to give a short presentation should send a short description to before August 8. Shortly after August 8 we will get in touch with presenters.


Timeframe: Half-day workshop Participants: We envision a number of maximum 25 participants.

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This workshop is part of the Participatory Design Conference 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark