Welcome to a new semester!

Af Anonym (ikke efterprøvet)
Literature search, ebooks and assignments - are you equipped for a new year of study?

September has arrived - with rain and all. That means that over 40.000 students in Aarhus are starting on a new year of study.

Maybe you are an experienced student - or maybe you have just moved to town from another city or another country. You just got a new place to stay, new teachers and new friends. It's all very confusing -  and after a long summer break you may need a helping hand with your literature list, writing your thesis or finding new books to read. At the library we can help you with all of the above!

Help finding literature and writing assignments

  • Maybe we have the books you need on the shelf. You are welcome to visit Dokk1 or one of the local libraries for further help. If we don't have the book you are looking for, we will try to obtain it.
  • You and your fellow students are free to use our student facilities - such as the student rooms, where you can write assignments in peace and quiet.
  • Check out our many events here.

Read books, newspapers and magazines - online


The library welcomes you to your stay in Aarhus. We are looking forward to meet you and help you when you are in need.

If you are not yet a registered user at the library, you can find help here.