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Everything you need to know about the menopause : (but were too afraid to ask) (engelsk)

Af Kate Muir (2022)
The author draws on interviews with the leading medical experts in the field, interlaced with her own tumultuous journey through the menopause and the personal stories of women from all walks of life, sharing their varied experiences and hard-earned wisdom. She also questions why the current medical establishment is getting the menopause so wrong, as she debunks the myths that surround hormone replacement therapy and exposes the sloppy science and hysterical headlines that have had a negative impact on women's health for the last twenty years. With the help of a panel of doctors, scientists and health experts, the book unpacks the science behind hormones and ageing, and takes a close look at the different options available for treating both body and mind during the profound changes that take us into midlife and beyond

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