Humanitycentered Design Quest

Download, stick it on the wall, gather your team and join the quest!

For 3 years now a group of design-enthusiastic toolkit-fans have worked on a friendly hack of the Toolkit for DesignThinking in Libraries. Coming together from Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark we joined in asking “how might we make it even easier for our colleges in the libraries to use DesignThinking?”. We identified barriers among ours colleges such as language, too much to read, hard to get started, hard to find the space to work visually – and then we travelled to eachothers homebases to test methods, explore and exchange ideas and learn together.

We started out deciding on some creative constraints: Sustainability needs to be addressed and considered in the designproces, Inequality, exclusion, discrimination must also be addressed and avoided in the designproces. Finally we wanted to situate the process, making it unavoidable to work visually, collectively and embodied. So we ended up with posters that function as designstations, but can also be used as a boardgame. It takes you through the designproces, but also asks you to stop on the way to consider people and planet. Therefore we have named it not humancentered but Humanitycentered Design Quest. This tool invites you to think of both people and planet as you design solutions, plan, document and reflect collectively and creatively.

To use Humanitycentered Design Quest: Please download the PDF-file here.


  • Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
  • Aarhus Public Libraries (Denmark)
  • Reykjavik City Library (Iceland) 
  • Malmö City Library (Sweden)

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