Fees and fines

Fees in connection with using the libraries in Aarhus

Children under the age of 14 
1-7 days 10 kr.
8 -14 days 40 kr.
15 -30 days 55 kr.
Over 30 days 120 kr.

Adults (from age 14 and up) 
1-7 days 20 kr.
8 -14 days 70 kr.
15 -30 days 120 kr.
Over 30 days 230 kr.

The fees apply to both regular loans with a loan period of one month and loans with a special loan period, e.g. 7 day and 14 day loans. Example: If you wait three weeks to return a book with a loan period of 7 days, the fee is 120 kr.

Receive a text message or e-mail 
You can sign up to receive a reminder three days before the due date, either via e-mail or text message, and it is free. If you would like a reminder, go to your profile on the library website and write your mobile phone number and/ or your e-mail under “Indstillinger” (settings).

Only one reminder
Please be aware that the library will only send one reminder regarding overdue materials. We will send the reminder approximately 18 days after the due date. You must always pay a late fee if you return materials after their due date – even if you have not received a reminder. 

Keep dates in check! 
You must pay one or several late fees when returning or renewing books and materials which are overdue. If your books and materials have different due dates then you must pay a late fee for each overdue material. Ten overdue books with five different due dates will result in five late fees. If your books or materials have the same due date, however, and you return or renew them all at the same time, you will only have to pay one late fee.

Sign up for our text message and e-mail service and you will receive a reminder three days before the due date (see section Receive a text message or e-mail above). 

It is possible to renew books and other materials even if they are overdue but only if the materials have not been reserved by others and if they are the type of materials which can be renewed. 

Renew borrowed books via the website or your mobile phone
You can renew your borrowed materials unless they are reserved or you have borrowed the materials for three loan periods, e.g. three months for one month loans. You can renew the materials on the website aakb.dk or via the library’s App.

Paying an outstanding fine
If you have an outstanding fine with the library, it will appear on your personal page when you log in to the library’s website. Here, you will find a guide to paying your fine online. It is also possible to pay your fine using MobilePay via the app 'Biblioteket'. 
If it is not possible for you to pay in either of these ways, you can pay with payment card, cash, or the mobile payment solution MobilePay at Dokk1. 
If you have received a bill from the library, you can pay via online banking. 

If a book or another material which you have borrowed is damaged, you will be charged the library’s purchase price. » If you have not returned your borrowed materials five weeks after the end of the loan period, it is considered lost. Consequently, the library will send you a bill. » Lost or damaged materials must be replaced with the library’s purchase price including VAT. Besides the amount of damages, you must pay expenses for e.g. binding and license rights. For multimedia such as DVDs, 
CDs etc., your expense will typically exceed the price of the item in a retail shop because the library’s price includes a charge for the copyright owner in order to obtain rights to lend the book to library users. However, the maximum replacement cost for DVDs, CDs etc. is 350 kr. This does not apply to games. » If the actual purchase price cannot be obtained, the library will use a number of standard fees:

Damages and replacement fees
Book 200 kr.
Cartoon 70 kr.
Periodicals 50 kr.
Bound volumes of periodicals 500 kr.
Console games, CD-roms and DVD-roms 675 kr.
CDs and cassette tapes 100 kr.
CDs and cassette tapes that contain more than one CD/one cassette tape 260 kr.
DVD 350 kr.
Music DVD 200 kr.
Book and tape 300 kr.
Language stimulation materials 400 kr.
Materials with multiple parts 250 kr.
Language courses 550 kr.
Language courses with DVD/video 1.000 kr.
Audio books – per cassette tape/CD 175 kr.

The mentioned fees may be regulated by the Municipality’s general price projection.

Furthermore, if the loan period has been exceeded a fee is charged.  An administrative fee is also charged for sending the fine. Read more below.

Special rules

  • When a fine is sent, an administrative fee of 35 kr. is charged.
  • Special rules apply to materials borrowed outside of Aarhus Public Libraries. 
  • A work consisting of several volumes may be claimed completely replaced even if only part of the work is lost or damaged.
  • Unpaid fines will be handed over to debt collection with the resulting expenses.
  • Replaced material still belongs to the library. If replaced material is found, it must be handed in.
  • If the material should reappear, the amount of compensation may be refunded. If so, you must show your receipt for payment.  

Reservation – receive free notification 
The library will notify you when you can pick up reserved material. Notifications are free if you choose to be notified via e-mail. If you choose to be notified via mail, you must pay for postage. Even if you do not pick up the reserved material, a postage charge will be added. 

Copying and printing
Black/white – A4 or A3 1 kr. each
Colour copy/print – A4 or A3 4 kr. each

Special services

  • The library may charge for special services where it is made evident that those services are commissioned.
  • The City Council has determined the payment’s size for special services as well as how to collect it.


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