- Library Curated Music Community

What’s in it for the people?

eMusik is a cross-library collaboration with a linked data mindset where we guide the user to far out corners of the web dealing with music (blogs, music streaming services, videos, artist webpages etc.)

We facilitate the current ongoing change in music consumption from ownership to access, giving the citizen a wide array of music sources to choose from. We want to broaden the musical horizon of the users leading them towards music they didn't think they needed

What’s in it for the library?

Working with music curation on eMusik, the librarian can cross reference content covering online digital music, physical music, sheet music and books about music available at the library - thereby stressing a holistic approach to music curation through relational content.

Besides showing the collection, librarians can now easily incorporate sources from outside the library walls when they curate music to the end user.

eMusik is all about openness, releasing its content articles under a creative commons license, giving participating libraries the opportunity to share content and use it locally

Project status

The project is currently in beta mode. ETA of version 1.0 is July '13. We consider the project to be evolving continuously adding new music resources and new collaborative partners.

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Jeppe S. Knudsen - jeknu@aarhus.dk