About the website

aakb.dk is the website of Aarhus Public Libraries.


This website is based on the OpenSource CMS solution Drupal 6.

The coming new aakb.dk is part of the much larger national library project, TING, which is a collaboration between among others Copenhagen Libraries, Aarhus Public Libraries and DBC. TING represents a completely new and innovative way of thinking in relation to how information is mixed and presented. It is a solution much more focused on relevance than the present solutions of most other libraries.

The basic concept of the new aakb.dk can in short be described as

  • Targeted at end-users
  • Significant simplification
  • Exploratory search-facility
  • Enrichment and inspiration
  • Search that works
  • Tightening of content and structure

Editorial responsibility

The responsibility for maintaining and updating the website is delegated to local mediation coordinators and an overall group of web editors representing the Main Library, the Branch Libraries and ITC – the department responsible for development. The group of editors can be contacted at webredaktionen@mkb.aarhus.dk


Equal access for all

As a public service organisation we aim to secure access for the largest possible number of users –in regard to both technical solutions and content.