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17:00 - 18:00
Hovedbiblioteket, International Community
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ONLINE Discuss! Sexism vs gender equality

Casual discussion group for internationals in Aarhus.

We talk about Denmark vs the rest of the world in terms of society, politics, culture and lifestyle.

Share your experiences and discuss your opinions in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Today's topic is sexism vs gender equality. In many ways, Denmark has a high degree of gender equality - yet many speak of sexism and inequality. What is your experience with gender roles, expectations and constraints - in Denmark and/or in your home country?

Organized in association with International Community Aarhus.

The events are held in English.

Today's meeting is online on Microsoft Teams. Book a free ticket via the link before 4.30 pm - we will send you a link to the event around 4.35 pm.

Next meeting (where we can hopefully meet in person!) is May 10th, and the topic is workplace culture in Denmark.