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Discuss: Safe spaces & cancel culture – the fight for social justice vs the principle of free speech

Casual discussion group for internationals in Aarhus. Come join us!

At these meetings we talk about Denmark vs the rest of the world in terms of society, politics, culture and lifestyle.
Share your experiences and discuss your opinions in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Today's topic is safe spaces and cancel culture vs the principles of free speech.

Is 'wokeism' and the fight for social justice endangering democratic principles - or are we simply moving forwards from dangerous stereotypes and inequality?
Do we need a trigger warning on "Lolita"? Should we boycot JK Rowling?
And should Hizb-ut Tahrir be invited to debates in the library?

Organized in association with International Community Aarhus.

The events are held in English.

Attendance is free, but please book a ticket via the link.