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Koncert med det internationale kor PRO PACE

Gratis koncert med PRO PACE

Kom og hør det internationale kor PRO PACE på Åby Bibliotek lørdag den 18. maj kl. 13.00 - 13.30.
Der er gratis adgang og gratis kaffe/te.

Her kan du se hvad koret skriver om sig selv:

PRO PACE is an international choir which has started activity in October 2014. Choir brings together people with different backgrounds whose common passion is singing. The main aim is to integrate people from all over the world through music and get to know each others cultures. The concept of the choir is to sing in different languages, that’s why except English and Danish, you can also listen or sing with us in German, Spanish, zulu or many more languages! We rehears every Monday 18.15-20.15 in Multicenter, Lærdansk Aarhus. Everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of you are a student Lærdansk or not. Contact us on