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AFLYST Empowering Storytellers - filmpremier

Aarhus Film Workshop er glade for at kunne præsentere 5 spændende dokumentarfilm optaget af unge på filmcamp i Ramallah , Palæstina.

Aarhus Film Workshop is proud to be screening our Empowering Storytellers Documentaries from our film camp in Ramallah, Palestine. At the screening we invite the filmmakers behind the films to give a Q&A about the making of the films.

The Empowering Storytellers Docu-camp in Ramallah, 2019 was a collaboration between our partners Filmlab Palestine, International Media Support, Det Danske Hus i Palæstina, Mediefabrikken, ActionAid Denmark and Film Workshop Copenhagen.

With Abu Jamal (36:00 min)
Director: Siri Nerbø
Synopsis: For almost 60 years Abu Jamal has been selling single cigarettes and sweets to the locals in downtown Ramallah, Palestine. Despite language barriers, Siri decides to put up her camera in his shop and spend time with him.

Rama (ca. 08:23 min)
Director: Nana Krogh
Rama is a 14-year old girl who's born and raised in Palestine. Rama loves to dance, and she uses the movement of her body to express some of the things that aren't always being talked, discussed or being heard, especially coming from a young girl.

Aseel (ca. 8 min)
Director: Jonas Blond & Rebekka Jørgensen
Synopsis: Aseels everyday life is defined by the claustrophobia of the occupation. It affects her on her daily trip from her home in Kafr’ Aqab to work in Jerusalem, and it affects her freedom as a woman in a conservative society. Aseel uses exercise as a tool against the oppressive forces, and finds community and happiness in the running club “Right to Movement”.

Efter filmene er filmholdet tilstede til Q&A.